Rise of the HR Interim Specialist

In recent years, here at Purple House Recruitment we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of interim assignments we’re being asked to fill. This is not new news though. We started talking about this trend as far back as 2005 and in January 2018 the CIPD announced “that the increase in self-employment between March 2008 and March 2017 accounted for almost a third of total employment growth.” It’s anticipated that over half of the workforce will be freelance within 12 years. (CIDP May 2017)

With the huge amount of change happening in the business world no organisation can ignore the need to fill key positions, or tackle a specific projects and the obvious solutions is to use interim specialists. This has been due in part to businesses needing to become more strategic rather than operational.

Helping to Bridge the Gap

We have found over the last year that in particular Reward and Recruitment Interim Specialists have been in higher demand, often because a company in either a ‘start up’ or ‘change oriented’ situation will need specialists to either set something up from scratch, overcome a short term challenge, or cover maternity and secondments. Reward and Recruitment specialists are often not needed once the project is completed, strategy implemented or recruitment drive finished and it’s back to ‘business as usual’.

Many of the people who work with us also like the fact that they can get away from ‘boardroom strategy’ and concentrate on delivering value adding results which support organisations in developing their HR capability.

Here are just some of the advantages of hiring an interim specialist over a permanent alternative;

  • Tackle Projects Beyond Internal Workforce Knowledge – Interim Specialists expertise or specialism will provide the senior management team with knowledge which isn’t available in-house.
  • New Ideas – Often business owners struggle to see things that are obvious and necessary in their business because they are so focused in their everyday operations. Interims can bring ‘new blood and fresh ideas’ into a business as they have usually worked in a variety of sectors and on a variety of projects. They have to keep up with what is new in the market place and to be the best of the best in order to survive and thrive in what is becoming a competitive market place.
  • Agile Working – In this hugely competitive market place, organisations need to be able to react immediately and effectively. Interims offer organisations the ability to work flexibly and to only use the skills and pay for the resources needed.
  • Risk Mitigation – An Interim HR Consultant preserves the integrity of workplace investigations when conducting complex employee relations matters. Also an external consultant trained in the fields of mediation and workplace disputes will save time and money.
  • Hit the Ground Running – Often a new employee can take considerable time to settle in before they start really adding value. Experienced Interims have to be able to hit the ground running and are usually adding value within a very short space of time.
  • Value for Money – Using interims as well as a permanent workforce enables organisations to work more flexibly and to increase or decrease staffing numbers depending on demand and outgoings. This can support overworked staff when the pressure is on and drive down costs when cash flow is tight.

Over the last 16 years we have built up an extensive network of HR Specialists across the HR field including: Generalist HR; Reward; Learning & Development; Acquisitions and TUPE as well as Assessment and Recruitment.

No matter what people challenges you are facing we are able to source highly recommended specialists to support you on a multitude of HR issues. You may have a more complex issue and need a variety of specialists to support you. Due to our connections Purple House is able to put together project teams of individual specialists to resolve any Human Resource’s related challenges.

For more detail on the range of services please visit our website. Or if have a particular situation or project that you’d like to run past us then please call Fiona or Tom on: 0117 957 4100.