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Get the communication right and the rest will follow.

Rightly, there are a lot of discussions these days about the candidate journey or candidate experience, as it’s also known.  A good process matched with a competitive salary and benefits; regular and useful contact; clear and precise information etc. These are things...

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Eight Chinese proverbs to help with modern life.

The Chinese are famous for their proverbs, or yànyŭ: words of wisdom gathered from literature or uttered by famous philosophers over the centuries. And, although ancient in some cases, many of these proverbs still provide valuable guidance in the modern age. 1....

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Does the future of HR look different?

The past 12 months have really opened my mind to what the future of HR might look like. We've spent hours in meetings with potential clients, large and small, to get to grips with their HR needs while we consider how to plan for the future. Here are some thoughts to...

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Is the Fear of Failure holding you back?

On Sunday 14th July 2019 England and New Zealand played at Lords Cricket Ground in the Cricket World Cup Final, it has been described by some as the best game of cricket ever. It was the culmination of a 6 weeks long competition between the top 10 cricketing nations....

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Why you’re NOT happy at work.

So, you’re doing well, on the outside it looks as if you’re achieving and delivering what you should be but still you’re not satisfied by these outcomes.  Why can’t you just be happy with your achievements? Are you working for the right company? The right boss even?...

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Can We Talk About 2019 Please?

Last Christmas, Fiona and I sat down to make some plans for 2019, we tried to consider all the things that might be issues facing our business in the coming year.  Obviously Brexit is a major consideration.  But after talking about it and thinking it over we realised...

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Interim Internal Comms Specialist

c. £40,000 p.a. or £200/day| Bath, Somersest

HR Manager

£40,000 - £45,000 + bonus + benefits| Bath

Talent Acquisition Partner

c. £35,000 p.a. + benefits - flexible working| North Bristol

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