That’s right, you read that correctly, “HR Interims Will Save You Money.” In the last few weeks, we’ve had a number of interim assignments from clients who desperately wanted great HR support for a specific requirement or project, but didn’t want to employ a permanent senior HR professional, yet!  All of these clients have talked about keeping the door open in case they wanted to make the interim permanent.  It’s a great way of “show-casing” each other before you buy (or commit) longer term.


“Interim Car”

What this does is provide the Client with someone when they specifically need them.  It elevates the need of holding onto an expensive but valuable asset all the time (here’s the car bit).  Surely this is the way car ownership is going to go as well – why own, tax and insure a car that sits outside your house and is only used rarely? I do appreciate that some people need a car all the time, as do some companies who need permanent HR professionals. 

Better still, why not get hold of an “Interim Car” that you use for what you need to use it for, if you find that you need a car more often then there could be better ways of financing what you need rather than the old fashioned and expensive “must own it” route?


Saving Money

How does hiring an Interim actually save you money though?  You’ll be paying out a large hourly rate and a fee to the recruiter won’t you?  But you’re not paying for the Interims holidays, sick pay or Employers NI, etc whilst you get the chance to assess their knowledge, skills, ability and most importantly their fit to you and your business.

Sure you are paying more per hour initially, but how costly will it be if you pay a 20% recruitment fee to then have to let your new hire go a few months later because they proved not to be a good fit?  How costly is it to your business to have to wait a month notice for a new permanent hire – what if it’s a 3 month notice period?  Can you afford to be without HR getting that work done for that long? An HR Interim might be the ideal temporary solution.


Reduce Risk With Interim Recruitment

So, hopefully, you can see that taking on an HR Interim will significantly reduce the risk of you hiring the wrong person permanently, someone who potentially leaves within a year or even less, ultimately wasting your time and costing you money!

Unlike other recruiters we employ a thorough recruitment process.  We meet all our candidates no matter whether they are looking for permanent or interim work so you’ll be getting pre-qualified HR professionals who have been fully briefed and are ready to hit the ground running for you.


For more information about how we can help you please get in touch with us here at Purple House Recruitment Ltd.