“The definition of the word ‘collaboration‘ refers to working with someone else in order to create or produce something. Collaboration skills enable people within an organisation (or outside an organisation) to engage with each other productively and efficiently. It is simply teamwork taken to a higher level.”



Very pleasingly we have already seen that there is a groundswell of great community initiatives showing support and kindness to those who are stuck at home in isolation or are too frail or too scared to go outside.  Local people are collaborating with each other which is wonderful and will hopefully leave a legacy of better community spirit once all of this has passed.

But why aren’t we looking to do the same in business?

What more could we all be doing to help and support each other, both in our local communities and in our business networks?

We’ve reached out to our immediate network of contacts, suppliers, partners and associates to offer them the opportunity of working in collaboration with each other rather than individually trying to work through this.  We are a collection of small businesses trying to find a way through this time – let’s do it together and share the load.


Working From Home (WFH)

Everyone who can has been asked to work from home.  This is all well and good for those that are already established and have the tools and networks in place to enable this to work seamlessly. But it can be very lonesome and very worrying if you’re trying to work this out all on your own.

Let’s be aware of those individuals and companies and reach out to them.  Think of what others might need not just what you want.


Advantages of Collaborative Working

There are too many advantages of Collaborative Working to go into here but these are some of the positive points we have already identified; 

  • Increased creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Realising that you’re not on your own.
  • More flexibility in direction.
  • Solving problems.
  • Making decisions.
  • Increased learning possibilities.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Greater geographical spread.
  • Enhanced stakeholder relationships.
  • You are not alone.

Importantly let’s remember that the sun will set tonight and it will come up again tomorrow.  We will get through this period, we will come out of it stronger and be better equipped for the future – whatever that may throw at us!

If Working Collaboratively appeals to you and you’d like to join in then just get in touch.  Surely the more we can help and support each other both locally and in business, the better. Purple House Contact details


Tom Mornement
Managing Director

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