You’re not happy at work, maybe read our last blog post (here) and asked you’ve asked yourself some simple questions, you feel your answers don’t fit with your current employer. You’re considering moving on.

What’s the most important thing you’re looking for when you decide to search for a new job?

Is it – Salary; Location; Job Title; Benefits; Sector; Salary: Size; Culture; Brand; Salary; or is it THE RIGHT MANAGER/BOSS/LEADER for you?

OK, so I might have exaggerated the point here, but in my humble opinion, far too many people don’t invest enough time thinking about what’s really important to them.  Mostly we try ever so hard to fit into the culture that we see in front of us rather than really understanding what enables us to work to the best of our abilities.

Turning the tables

There’s always posts about why people leave a business and it’s usually because they have a bad boss. So, whilst I appreciate that sometimes bosses are not of our choosing, what if they were? What if you turned the tables and decided that rather than focussing on the money, title or benefits of a new role you really concentrated on finding out as much as you can about your potential boss? How do they manage people?  Is there a regular turnover of staff from their team? Does this manager really care about my development?

Make a plan

When you decide that it’s time to look for a new job, and before you go online or call a recruiter, start by making a list or a plan. Really think about what you need for you to do well so that when you see it you’ll really know that you’ve found it. This can be achieved by gut feeling, but do you really want to manage your life on gut feel alone? Don’t just look for a higher salary or better benefits. These things will follow if you’re happy, contented, motivated, learning and therefore, progressing.

Progress and develop

Go out there and really find a boss that you can work well with, someone who is going to help you progress and develop. Without a good boss even if you have a great salary or better benefits, you won’t be happy or progress in the way you might want to. If you’ve ever worked under a bad boss, you’ll totally get this. A GOOD MANAGER/BOSS/LEADER is so much better than a good company, right?

Get in touch

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