Learning to identify the right HR recruitment partner for your company might be one of the most valuable things you can do today. After all, the right employees are the lifeblood of any organisation. Companies can’t consistently complete projects, collect clients, and generate revenue without the right team members.

Unfortunately, finding and retaining the right HR talent is often easier said than done. We’re living in a time when qualified candidates have more opportunities than ever before, thanks to hybrid and remote work.

Additionally, skill shortages are everywhere, forcing countless businesses to compete for the same staff members.

Around half of the companies say they’re currently struggling to fill the gaps in their teams, and this problem is also expanding worldwide.

A solution? The right recruitment partner is how HR functions can improve their chances of finding the best people for their team.


How to Choose a HR Recruitment Partner

HR recruitment partners are valuable resources for businesses and candidates alike. These educated and experienced experts know how to match employees to the roles best suited to their characteristics, skills, and working styles. Used correctly, an HR recruitment partner can help organisations to overcome the challenges of talent shortages and market competition.

They can build talent pipelines with passive candidates ready to step in when a position becomes vacant, speeding up the hiring process. Plus, they provide companies with all the support they need to rapidly fill roles with the most effective, talented professionals.

The question is, how do you choose an HR recruitment partner?


Step 1: Define Your Specific Needs

The first step in choosing any partner to work with your business is evaluating your needs and setting specific goals. According to the latest data from several recruiting bodies, over 70% of companies have difficulty filling positions today; and the good news is working with an HR recruitment partner can help these companies access a broader pool of talented candidates.

However, an HR recruitment partner’s services and support can vary. Some can actively work behind the scenes for your company, cultivating talent pipelines filled with candidates you can tap into whenever someone leaves your business. Others focus on responding to hiring issues as and when they occur.

Some HR recruitment partners can also offer various value-added services to assist with the recruitment and hiring process. They may be able to talk you through creating more effective job descriptions, the value of using Profiling as part of your process or help you sort through numerous applications. Ask yourself what you need the most help with from your recruitment partner before you start your search.


Step 2: Look for Specialist Knowledge

While every recruitment partner may have expertise in helping companies to find and hire talent, not all companies understand the unique nuances and challenges of the HR industry. Finding an industry-specific recruitment professional to help source candidates for your team can deliver many unique benefits.

For instance, a specialist HR recruitment partner will invest significant time into understanding the talent landscape in your marketplace. They’ll know what the talented professionals in your space value most from an employer, which means they can help you to create an employee value proposition that improves your chances of a faster hiring process.

An HR recruitment partner will also know where to position your job listings, how to find new candidates for your talent pipeline in different environments, and what strategies you can use to attract new employees.


Step 3: Do Your Research

Once you’ve defined what you need from an HR recruitment partner and narrowed your search down to the teams most attuned to your industry, it’s time to research your shortlist of companies. Take some time to check out the brand presence of the company.

Find out how they position themselves online, connect with candidates and clients, and advertise themselves. If your HR recruitment partner doesn’t have a great online presence, this could mean they don’t have the right skills to advertise your roles to professionals.

Aside from looking at the online and offline presence of your HR recruitment partners, it’s also worth checking out any reviews and testimonials they have from previous clients. Many top recruitment partners have entire sections of their websites dedicated to positive reviews and case studies.

Use these insights to see how happy previous clients have been with the recruitment team’s guidance, support, and speed. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when working with the business yourself.


Step 4: Connect with the Company

Researching available HR recruitment companies in your industry and examining their reputations should help you narrow your options to a few key competitors.

Once you have this list, it’s worth setting aside some time to reach out and connect with your potential partner. A meeting with your recruitment company will give you an insight into how they communicate and treat their clients.

Speaking to an HR recruitment company yourself also allows you to ask any questions about the services they offer, how they price their support, and how they plan on helping you reach your recruitment goals.

Focus on finding out as much as you can about how your chosen recruitment companies support their clients, and commit to delivering success. Prioritise honesty and transparency from your recruitment professional.

The best HR recruitment organisations are the ones that will proactively work with you to develop your hiring strategy.


Make the Most of Your HR Recruitment Partner

Once you’ve chosen the ideal HR recruitment partner for your business, remember it’s up to you to make the most of their services. Collaborate regularly with your recruitment team, ask for their insights, and share your goals and visions with them as often as possible.

Give them insights into your ideal target candidate, and let them know what makes you a unique employer so they can share this with talented professionals. Working consistently and collaboratively with your recruitment partner will ensure you can improve your overall hiring strategy positively.


Tom Mornement
Managing Director

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