On 1st July 2019, Purple House Recruitment began its 18th year in business.  An awful lot has happened during the last 17 years but I guess what’s important now is what happens next, not what’s already been and gone.  However, we’d be foolish to ignore what we’ve learned and seen over those years.  So here’s a little piece about the 3 most important principles that have served us well over the years…



One of the key factors behind Purple House’s success over recent years has been our ability to genuinely work as a team.  We believe that working together, pooling our resources and knowledge as a team is so much stronger than everyone working as individual silos. 

We’ve constantly been able to help and support each other over the years, we share ideas, work on vacancies together and complement each other on our different strengths.



When we started Purple House in 2002, we did a lot of thinking about how we wanted to be perceived – we didn’t just want to be another recruitment company trotting out the same old stuff about “going further” and “getting under the skin” etc. 

We decided that we’d focus on our Integrity and even used the word in our early marketing efforts.  Integrity to us means; keeping your word, being honest and trustworthy, taking responsibility and being dependable.



Back in the day (and probably still today in some circles) it was all about quantity – more calls, more vacancies, more CVs, etc the old “spray and pray” mentality if you will – we didn’t want to be like that at all, completely the opposite in fact. 

We focussed on really listening and understanding what our clients were asking for, and why. We also got to know our candidates as well as possible (a lot of them we’re still in touch with and are now clients) so that we could really match clients and candidates rather than just hoping (or “spraying and praying”).

These 3 principles have been good to us over the years. There’ve been some tough times but there’s also been some genuinely great times and brilliant days as well. 


These 3 values have been central to the core of what we do and how we do it.  I would expect that if we’re still doing this in another 17 years’ time there will have been a lot of changes and challenges but Team, Integrity and Quality will still be our watchwords.



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